Because Social Impact Demands Spaces that Foster Innovation.

Current efforts geared towards solving community, humanitarian and service delivery issues lack innovation and design thinking; and suffer from weak utilisation of interactive technology. This results in programs and interventions adopting traditional approaches that yield poor impact. Innovation in development cannot be fully attained without a new set of skills; critical thinking and problem solving top the long list.

Holoul 2030

A multi-stakeholder program that brings cause-driven groups and nonprofits together with social innovators, technologists, and visual/experience designers to design and launch low cost, replicable, and sustainable tech-enabled social innovations that can help advance their efforts in socio-economic development.

While the Holoul 2030 Lab provides a physical space for ideas to grow and the Community of Practice to meet, the six-month social impact incubator and accelerator offers each participating group a chance to win a grant up to $10,000 while enjoying mentorship and capacity development by experts in innovation, entrepreneurship and ICT4D.



A group of change-driven youth who help inform Tech Tribes' programs and strategic direction with advice based on personal and professional experience working with youth-focused programs. Their profiles range from being university students, young professionals, entrepreneurs and junior humanitarian workers.

Renad Hammoudeh

The Giver

Desired Superpower: Omniscience

Mohammad Yasin

The Innovative

Desired Superpower: Levitation