Tech Tribes offers assistance in the form of trainings, mentorship programs and consulting services to social activists and innovators, development professionals, cause-driven groups and nonprofits.


Social Activists and Innovators

The Digital Literacy Hub

Training modules offered to individuals who demonstrate little, if any, basic digital skills and those who desire to invest in advanced skills such as coding, software and app development, machine learning, big data analytics, and the Internet of things (IoT).

Activism 2.0 Lab

Training opportunities and mentorship programs offered to individuals who demonstrate the basic knowledge of ICTs and have the intention to further develop their skills in utilizing technology to mobilize for social justice over the Internet. Key training topics include E-Activism, Internet safety & freedoms, digital security, digital journalism and blogging for change.

The Social Innovation Incubator

A series of hackathons and bootcamps, coupled with mentorship, that pair young social innovators and cause-driven organizations with tech professionals, software developers and visual designers to develop much needed innovative, sustainable and interactive solutions to pressing community issues.

Who can take part?

Individuals, social activists and young social innovators who aim to acquire basic and advanced skills in ICTs, explore how technology can help achieve social justice through digital activism, and learn how social innovation helps address today’s rising global challenges.


Cause-Driven Groups, Nonprofits, and Development Professionals


Organizational Capacity Development

A scheme that adopts a selected number of cause-driven groups and organizations that demonstrate potential in further developing their organizational capacity. Based on a comprehensive organisational capacity assessment, they are categorized and accordingly coached and mentored in:

  • > Organizational Management.

  • > Program Design and Project Cycle Management.

  • > Visual Identity and Branding.

  • > Partnership-building, Networking and Outreach Strategies.

  • > Online and Offline Communication Strategies.

  • > Digital Tactics in Campaigning and Advocacy.


Digitizing #Dev

A series of ‘open-call trainings and workshops’ that help organisations, cause-driven groups and development professionals explore new innovative trends and more efficient tools in nonprofit management and program development.

  • > Digital Strategic Communication and Branding for Impact.

  • > Data-gathering and Visualization

  • > Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding.

  • > Monitoring and Evaluation.

  • > Mobilization for Social Good.


ICT4D Consultancies and Services

Tech Tribes offers a wide array of pro bono and paid services and consultancies to help nonprofits in the MENA Region and donor organizations raise their competencies and architect low-cost, replicable and more effective tech-based tools and online platforms. Possible solutions include: smartphone applications, website development, interactive maps, animation videos, Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) and communication and digital media strategies.

Who can benefit?

Cause-driven Groups, nonprofits, and development professionals who aim to expand on their knowledge, develop technical skills, and invest in tech-based solutions to solve community issues and achieve higher organizational impact.