• Social Change Marketing

    An introduction to planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating your social change campaign in order to contribute to a specific social cause. Learn how to innovate your work plan from case studies included.
  • SM Strategy

    Make the most of your online presence by creating your nonprofit’s own social media strategy and communication goals. Discover techniques and best practices in managing your online content to achieve the best reach.
  • Interactive Mapping

    Get introduced to mapping and discover its potential in accelerating your efforts. Discover the best free mapping platforms and how to decide on which one to adopt.
  • Visual and Digital ID

    Discover the pillars of an impactful visual identity along with tips on dealing with graphic designers and making the best out of their creativity to reflect your work and mission visually.
  • Other Services

    Support tools, add-ons, websites and free services that help your non-profit have and manage a stronger, more pronounced digital presence.
  • Smart Phone Apps

    Learn how to decide if a mobile application will boost your reach and impact, and get to know the most important considerations when developing mobile apps for development missions.
  • Multimedia

    Create your organizations’ unique blend of Multimedia Content to convey your messages more effectively and create a more compelling online presence that serves your cause.
  • E-Publishing

    Your one-stop-shop to learn everything about publishing online using various platforms and tools, including skills and tips on creating and managing blogs, email shots, and success stories for nonprofits.
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