Community-based Organization (CBO) | Location: Aqaba, Jordan.


Trainings on Campaigning for Change training/ strategic communication/producing PSAs.

Visual identity and branding, development of outreach and social marketing strategies and website development.


With support from the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), Tech Tribes mentored the ‘Youth of Tomorrow Community Development Center’ (YTCDC) in planning, implementing and launching their advocacy campaign ‘7aqqi Ashtaghel” (My Right To Work) in Aqaba. The campaign aimed at raising awareness and advocating for the rights of People with Disabilities (PWDs) to enter the workforce and enjoy a work environment that is free of physical and attitudinal barriers. The campaign targeted both the public and private sectors in Aqaba along with other organizations concerned with the well-being and rights of PWDs.

The campaign’s core group of YTCDC’s staff and volunteers received technical assistance in forming a strong internal structure and mentorship in strategic planning and management of the advocacy campaign. Tech Tribes also worked hand-in-hand with the core group to develop a stakeholder matrix and perform a power-analysis as part of an intensive training course on Campaigning for Change and E-advocacy.

To achieve wider impact, investing in a comprehensive media and marketing strategy was key. In this spirit, Tech Tribes supported the development of a dedicated website and a Facebook page that would act as the campaign’s major media and marketing outlets. Such assistance helped the core group in their efforts in reaching a wider audience and fostered a new space for public dialogue on issues and policies affecting PWDs.

To create much-needed public awareness and cater to the shortage of online Arabic content on issues that directly affect PWDs, a technical training on creating Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) was offered to the core group. Volunteers were trained on content development and storytelling as well as basic videography and editing skills. The result was the production of more than 15 videos that hold key campaign messages and interviews with key stakeholders from the private and public sectors.

The media and marketing efforts proved success on many levels. Private and public companies have responded by organizing career days targeting PWDs in Aqaba while vocational training centers and the Ministry of Labour started offering specialized training courses to equip PWDs with much needed market skills.

To date, the Tech Tribes’ mentorship, succeeded in the launch of a comprehensive and publicly-available database of PWDs. Efforts have been made to utilize this database for easier and transparent recruitment of PWDs by giving the private and public sectors access to it. The campaign was also successful in launching a public petition in support of activating articles in the Labour Law that guarantee PWDs’ rights to a workforce quota in large companies. The petition was presented to the House of Parliament and awaits decisions.

With support from:

The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).


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