Youth Information Center (YIC)

Digitizing Education, Reshaping Values.

Focus: ‘ICTs in Education’ Teachers Training Program, Digitizing School Library, Digital Classroom.

In a Glimpse

With support and direction from the UNESCO Amman Office and the Ministry of Education and with a kind donation from the Government of Finland, Tech Tribes launched a new Youth Information Center (YIC) in Al Rubae’ Bint Al Mouath School in al-Mafraq. The center consists of a digitized library and two completely connected and remodelled computer clusters.


In recent years, the unrest in Syria has resulted in a significant influx of Syrian refugees to al-Mafraq Governorate in the North of Jordan. This burdened government allocations to school resources and gave rise to interpersonal tensions between Syrian and Jordanian students. An intervention was needed to help students overcome obstacles to self-expression, access to information and quality education.


“Can Digitizing Education result in more learning, less conflict and stronger ties between Jordanian & Syrian students in host-communities?”

To respond to the gap in teachers’ digital skills, Tech Tribes joined forces with a group of 15 self-driven and change-seeking teachers and exposed them to recent ICTs in Education. The approach focused on the attainment of curriculum learning objectives through the promotion of online research and innovation in both teaching and learning. This training course was customized for school teachers who have not yet used ICTs in their teaching courses as aid tools and group learning channels. It aimed at enabling them to discover the application of a number of collaborative ICT tools in the bigger framework of ‘Digital and Connected Classrooms’. This six-week course introduced teachers to Google for Education Apps, Wikis, Data Visualization/ Presentation and Audio-Visual Aid tools.

To address the rising tensions between students and teachers alike, the “Learning to Live Together” (LTLT) toolkit on ethics education was introduced to re-shape the overall value system that dominated the learning and teaching process. It taught students and teachers how to be part of a rights- based, and understanding environment by equipping them with specific hands on techniques and skills for social empathy, conflict resolution and mutual cooperation.


Some testimonies that we take to heart.

I teach a group of students who have fled from war in Syria. I can see that some still suffer from trauma and are not able to express themselves to the fullest. I always tried to find a way to help; but with the limited resources, I mostly felt helpless.

Both the computer clusters and the library, have given me enough space to get creative with my students. I now assign them in groups to research about world artists, sculptures and sometimes musicians! (says in excitement). They are embracing this opportunity to access information to the fullest. The exposure they can get to online resources is one of a kind.

My journey was both fun and fruitful. As an arts teacher, I experimented with joy some of the different applications and websites through which I can make use of online resources to enrich the classroom environment. I am still learning {giggles} but I can proudly say that I am not the old-fashioned arts teacher that uses scissors and coloring pens.

Ms. Bardees Awaidat, Arts Teacher

I come from an educational background that spoon-feeds. One plus one should always equals two. Looking back at how short-sighted I was back then, I would have thought twice before pursuing education as a career. But I stayed in because Mafraq only offers a little to a young female. It has been a while since I felt empowered. Allow me correct myself: I feel more hopeful now. Thanks to the Youth Information Center.

Ms. Basmah al Khaza’aleh, Arabic Teacher


Digitizing Education, Reshaping Values.

Join Khaled Hijab, Founder and Executive Director of Tech Tribes in this short video that narrates the story of the Youth Information Center (YIC) and highlights successes made to date. Khaled walks viewers through the school's newly renovated facilities and talks numbers. Watch students utilize the newly launched digitized library and two completely connected and remodelled computer clusters. Learn how the spaces help students overcome obstacles to self-expression, access to information and quality education.

With support from:

The UNESCO Amman Office and the Government of Finland.


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