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“Wselet” in Jordanian slang is used to indicate that someone has reached their destination by either arriving at a reliable source of information, or a credible person or entity.

We Have Done Our Part By Developing The Portal. Your Turn Has Come!

Whether you're an organisation, an intern or even a researcher, we are seeking your help to develop content and offer Wselet as an e-citizenship portal of value. Partner, volunteer or intern now!

What We Observed

Formal information on rights, procedures and policies is neither easily accessible nor understood by the average citizen. Most of what is available is written and produced in a technical, and sometimes legal, language that does not register with a generation that enjoys visual and creative content with useful and precise information.


Wselet harnesses the power of visuals and interactive technologies to enhance the understanding of policy-making and to facilitate sharing knowledge on complex issues amongst citizens. It does not intend to produce content that has already been published. It curates content that has been made available by other organizations in one place. It capitalizes on their efforts by producing an educational and informative portal that is easily accessible, readily available, and understood by the average Jordanian.

Wselet provides information about key topics of interest through nine major components; health, elections, women affairs, corruption, citizenship, economy, civil society, international community, and education. The Portal is coupled with a Facebook page that allows for more engagement with citizens and crowdsources their opinions and insights on information they deem missing for the portal to provide.

Because access to reliable and easy-to-understand information fosters citizenship and a strong sense of responsibility to act as an active participant rather than a passive recipient of policies and services.

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Technology used:

The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).

WordPress, YouTube API, Facebook API, Twitter API


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