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Focus: Entrepreneurship Skills, SMEs Management, Coding/Gaming.

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‘Gaming for Change’ was launched to educate and equip young people to become successful entrepreneurs in the gaming field. The program focused on the need to identify successful intervention models that increase employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth through gaming skills and entrepreneurship trainings.


The divide in skills between what the market demands vis-a-vis what the educational systems in place supply poses a threat to social and economic development. Youth are forced to major in subjects that have long dropped from the list of demanded career fields. Such pressure is forcing more youth to drop out of school in search of jobs and a source of income. Unfortunately, training institutes and vocational centers suffer to understand this shift in demand, adding more to the complexity of the issue. Tech Tribes believes that economic development cannot be fully attained without a new set of skills; gaming and programming top the list.


“Can a New Skill in App Development and Gaming Result in More Financial Security and Provide a Sustainable Income?”

While the first phase of the training and mentorship program introduced participants to the concept and practice of entrepreneurship and sustaining self-run small business, the second built their skills in coding and gaming in partnership with App Trainers, a Jordan-based gaming and app-development lab. By the end of the training program, participants were expected to translate their problem statements into successful business models and launch mobile games with competence.

Graduates of the program have each been able to develop and launch an Android/iOS game and market it through different channels. Some were able to secure jobs as trainers/mentors at gaming labs while others work as freelance developers with an income that is, in some cases, double the average market wage.


Some testimonies that we take to heart.

I now feel empowered to compete in a market that is dominated by males. I believe that I have a chance to prove myself in this field and more importantly to invest my energy into a profession that I call my own. I cannot wait to start a new chapter of my life as an entrepreneur.

Haneen Abou Resheh, Female - Jordanian

Gamin For Change has taught me the real value of team work in running a successful business. I always preferred to work as a freelance developer. Creating apps with a team proved to be not only more fun but also more efficient. I now enjoy the collaborative process. Successful business are the product of strong teams.

Foud Yousef Hassan, Male - Jordan

With support from:

Global Communities and App. Trainers.


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