Khaled Hijab

Founder | Executive Director

Leading by example, and directing Tech Tribes with an innovative twist, Khaled uses his expertise in traditional/new media and ICT4D to connect youth and nonprofits across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with innovative tools useful for advancing their missions.

Khaled is a member of UN Women's Civil Society Advisory Group, sharing his regional expertise in youth empowerment and gender equality. His role as an international social innovation and ICT4D speaker and trainer brought him closer to a number of social change groups in the MENA Region. He pursues his online activism as a blogger and an online-communities analyzer, working with online users on issues like digital security and Internet Freedoms. He works with marginalized groups (like victims of honor crimes and harassment) in Jordan and around the region on cause-based communication strategies and helps them utilize online technologies to advance their work.

Desired Superpower: Precognition

Nadine Dirbashi

Communications for Development Officer

Wonder Woman

Through her work as Tech Tribes' Communication for Development Officer, Nadine speaks our mind to each and every one of you! She channels all her efforts in connecting us to the best out there; that might be you, your organization, or team of volunteers.

Desired Superpower: Flying

Majeda Mahasneh

Project Coordinator

The Creative Mind

A special needs education expert and a cultural integration professional, Majeda is the force behind our impact in the field as she steers the implementation of our community outreach projects in various governorates. A creative by nature, an artist by training, and a continuous learner, she always has the perfect solution to any hurdle.

Desired Superpower: X-ray Vision


Thijmen Calis

Programs & Fundraising Intern


A long-committed AIESEC volunteer in The Netherlands, Thijman relocated and joined Tech Tribes to explore how technology can aid development and humanitarian efforts. He is passionate about international understanding and personal development and has a Masters in Business Information Management from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Thijman contributes to Tech Tribes' research, fundraising and program management efforts, while exploring the ICT4Dev context of the Middle East.
Desired Superpower: Superhuman Speed

Shatha Zhran

Copy-writing and Translation Intern

The Gossiper

With her bubbly nature and committed attitude, Shatha is our Queen of Words. From copy-writing articles to translating courses, Shatha gears her efforts to always deliver the most engaging content in both Arabic and English. She has a degree in Business Administration from Amman Al-Ahlia University, and aspires to head her own specialized consulting agency.
Desired Superpower: Power Mimicry


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