[title title=”A. Capacity Building Trainings:”]

This track of assistance caters to individual activists and groups that are eager to explore how to help society move towards better governance, develop meaningful youth policies and to organize and mobilize youth for social change. Participants learn how to design, use online and offline tactics, integrate crowdsourcing technologies and plan strategies that help channel their efforts into cause-driven campaigns.

The selection of young activists, youth volunteers and active members of youth organizations around the Arab World is defined by their involvement in civil society and the grassroots’ movement in some way, or with a desire to be involved in governance and have future plans for mobilizing youth through an organization, individually or other means.

[title title=”B. Organizational Assistance Scheme:”]





Any form of assistance provided by Tech Tribes is primarily designed and provided on the basis of a needs assessment and identification of priorities. This process categorizes the level and method of support that will be followed in the “Technical Assistance Phase”.



A key priority identified by Tech Tribes through its work with youth organizations is capacity development, in order to consolidate and institutionalise the spontaneous emergence of youth organizations and youth leaders, and to channel their motivation and energy into actionable strategies with clear objectives and milestones. Our scheme of assistance caters to two different but equally important types of organizations/groups:


1. Crawling organizations: A crawling organization is an organization that suffers a weak internal organizational structure and hence a poor performance externally. Current interventions by field practitioners and donor organizations are mostly focused on issue-specific capacity building for individuals and building programs that mirror the focus of the donor while rarely addressing the strengthening of organizational systems. Tech Tribes believes that developing the organizational capacity, the programmatic effectiveness and the outreach and communication strategies of an organization (both online and offline) is a key indicator of any organization’s capability in implementing more specific and focused programs. Crawling organizations are offered an array of assistance options, some of which are as follows:

  • Institutional Capacity Building (strategic planning, technical writing and reporting, proposal writing, M&E coaching).
  • Visual & Digital Identity creation (Websites and graphics)
  • Creation of Online Platforms/ databases
  • Media & Outreach Strategies (Online & Offline) with focus on reporting and success stories.


2. Walking organizations: A walking organization is an organization that enjoys a well-established internal institutional system, including its adoption of clear objectives, strategic plans, and outreach methodologies. In the case of a well-established organization, projects implemented by Tech Tribes support joint efforts between youth and policymakers to develop collaborative national youth policies and plans. This entails capacity development for both youth and national authority stakeholders to create an environment of mutual trust and respect to develop policies and plans that fully reflect the needs and issues of youth in each country context. Walking organizations are offered an array of assistance options, some of which are as follows:

  • Advocacy campaigning technical Assistance/ Mentorship
  • Strategic Planning (stakeholder mapping, campaigns life-cycle. …Etc.).
  • Strategic Communication (Outreach to stakeholders, dealing with the media, preparing media kits, designing the visual identity of a campaign (logos, characters… etc.)
  • Developing online technologies and mobile applications that help crowdsrouce support for a cause, open space for dialogue between youth, report on service delivery, collect petitions, run surveys and disseminate information on a campaign/cause.



In this phase, Tech Tribes works hand in hand with partners/ sub-grantees on making sure that the assistance provided in the previous phases is on track and follows the strategic plans. Staff mentor partner organizations in their first experience to reach out to stakeholders, identify local partners, recruit volunteers, deal with the media and make sure that that any chosen technology is utilized in its best form to serve the overall objective of the project/campaign.

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