“Innovation in Project Design & Management: the Changemaker’s Edition.”

When: TBA
Where: Tech Tribes premises. 14 Ibn Alsalah St., Tlaa Al-Ali, Amman, Behind Ayass Hotel. Map



Who will participate?

In this Edition, Tech Tribes aims to engage local CSOs/CBOs/INGOs who have a track record in community mobilization and outreach, and are eager to explore new tools that could help them design and manage more interventions of impact. It also targets cause-driven groups who are eager to test new approaches and tools to their calls for action and community mobilization through human-centered design and design thinking.

What will participants learn?

At the end of the workshop, participants will have developed an understanding around innovation in project cycle management, assumption testing, user-generated theories of change and pivoting. It introduces four different types of innovation– Incremental, Disruptive, Architectural and Radical – to help illustrate the various ways that organizations can innovate. This is a great chance for project officers, coordinators and managers to re-visit some of their existing projects or design new ones with some new change-management tactics in mind. The ToT aspect of the workshop will also enable participants to replicate the workshop and train other members within their own projects and/or communities.  

Workshop working language

Arabic (all tools available in English)

1 Step 1
First Name | الاسم الأول بالانجليزيّة
Last Name | اسم العائلة بالانجليزيّة
Phone Number | رقم الهاتف
Country | الدولة
Working for/Affiliate of | أعمل لدى/ أنتمي إلىإذا كنت لا تعمل لأجل مؤسسة أو منظمة كيف تصف نفسك؟ على سبيل المثال: مصمم متفرغ، مترجم .. الخ. If not working for an organization or institution, how would you best describe yourself? For example, freelance designer, translator, ..etc.
Descriptor | الوصفأعطنا وصف لنفسك: رتبتك في العمل، مجال خبرتك، .. الخ. Add a descriptor that will help us better understand who you are. This can be your title or even your field of expertise.
ما الذي دفعك للتقدم بطلب للورشة؟ما هي دوافعك وكيف تنوي توظيف المهارات المكتسبة ما بعد الورشة؟ اشرح لنا أكثر عن مشروعك.
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