Because Sustainable Development Calls for Organizations that Embrace Digitization.

Partnerships and collaborations that aim to pilot-test with digital approaches and tools in various fields, like education, health or even political participation. While some interventions utilize technology to bring about faster results and more efficient processes to certain environments, others look at it as a catalyst for the establishment of more innovative businesses lead by a generation of digital entrepreneurs.

While the needs vary depending on the field, the design-thinking process stays the same. The goal is to help nonprofits, cause groups and development workers architect solutions that best respond to challenges they face and offer the public new and alternative spaces for dialogue, engagement and access to information.

Web & Mobile Development and Creative Consulting Services


Information & Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) come to offer low-cost, innovative, replicable and interactive solutions to social, economic and political issues. Unfortunately, such a field is new to the Arab World and has not seen much development in recent years. More efforts should be initiated to engage social workers, ICT enthusiasts and stakeholders alike in the development and mainstreaming of innovative ICT4D solutions.

What We Offer

Paid services and consultancies to help nonprofits in the MENA Region and donor organizations make smart investments in technology, and pilot-test with digital approaches in various fields, like education, health or political participation. Possible solutions include: smartphone applications, website development, interactive maps, animation videos, Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) and communication and digital media strategies.

Web & Mobile Platform Development

Data-gathering and Visualization Tools

Communication and Digital Media Strategies

Visual Identity and Branding

Digital Tactics in Campaigning & Advocacy