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Holoul X YE: Implementation Research in Action

This special edition of the Holoul Impact Incubator empowers individuals and organizations with a quest to utilize research and data gathering and handling skills to inform their respective programs or to enhance outreach, beneficiary engagement and evaluation outcomes. While some groups/organizations might want to apply research skills to help boost their advocacy efforts, others might want to deploy research findings through adaptive programming to scale up organizational impact.

The Applicant
NameYour full name
Date of Birth(DD/MM/YYYY)
Phone Number
I am submitting an application as
Name of Team/Startup/ EnterpriseIf Applying as Part of an Entity, please state your Position or Role at the Applying Entity
Describe Yourself in a SentenceWho are you? (for example, I am a young researcher specialized in human rights with focus on refugee education/ or I am a social entrepreneur who solve access to info. challenges among illiterate communities through audio content)
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General Info. About Team/Startup/Enterprise
Team/Organization/Startup/ EnterprizeGive a brief summary of the startup; its history, structure and goals.
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Your Vision & Areas of Inquiry for IR ResearchTell us about the problem you are trying to solve or the research idea that you have.
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Issue(s) AddresseedWhat organizational, social, economic, participation, environmental ..etc. issue does your research idea address. Highlight gaps and missed opportunities. Describe how this research idea contributes towards solving this issue.
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Solution ProposedWhat is your proposed solution? What would you like to produce by the end of your participation. Focus on Knowledge Products for your desired Goal/Research Idea. For example, a data protection policy for your organization, a podcast on Civic Participation/ Rights in Lebanon, a policy paper ..etc.
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Your Beneficiaries/ Audience/ UsersWho do you see benefiting from this solution? Why will it be important to them?
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ImpactHow do you describe your impact and measure it? If already established, how many people has your team/startup/enterprise served to date? Make sure that you provide specific and quantifiable evidence in response to these questions
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Definition of ImpactHow do you define impact of your idea? How are you planning to measure it? (for example, how will the knowledge you produce impact your target audience? What change are you looking to achieve (behavior, attitudes, awareness, mobilization, ..etc.)
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Is your Organization, Startup/ Enterprise Registred?If, yes, then when and where?
Leadership Team
How many members are there on your team?Please include full-timers, part-timers
Describe the role of each team memberDescribe each member's previous startup experience
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Services, Products and /or Solutions
What are your main programs, services, products and/or solutions?
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Select the specific tech verticals and innovation drivers that fit the description of your Organization/ Enterprize?
Please Specify
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What is innovative about your Program, Services, Products and/ or Solutions?
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What Stage Best Describes Where your Idea is?pick one!
Mentorship Needs
What kind of support/mentorship are you looking for? and in what areas?
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How did you know about Holoul the Social impact Incubator?
CommentsLeave any comments, questions or inquiries here.
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