Razan Khatib

Co-Founder/ Spring Technologies

A technologist, product strategist and tech entrepreneur with a passion for digital product strategy development from inception to life & growth. Specialties include user experience strategy, product strategy & management and leadership of design and engineering teams amongst others. For the past few years, Razan has been focused on advising several tech startups to help architects better digital product offerings through a full examination of the problem, opportunity, value proposition and competitive advantage in order to plan a product roadmap and overall business plan that better-guides their efforts and initial investment. She has been advising growing startups on their user experience strategy, product strategy and helping them create and manage product roadmaps.

Rawan Barakat

Founder & Director/ Raneen Foundation

Rawan Barakat is a visually-impaired social activist and edupreneur. She is the founder of Raneen, a non-profit foundation that leads a movement aimed at creating developing listening and communication skills among children and youth through Arabic audio-stories. Raneen, which means echo in Arabic, seeks to engage youth in constructive audio-based experiences that foster their imagination and enhances their overall critical thinking and dialogue skills. The foundation has established the Arab World’s first and biggest children-focused audio library, featuring stories by some of the leading authors in the MENA and narrations by famous Arab actors. Barakat helped established 250+ audio libraries in schools and community centers across the MENA region, reaching over 35,000 children, as well as 2000+ teachers and mothers who have been trained utilizing the award-winning curriculum within classrooms and households.


Ayman Qtaishat

ICT4D Expert

Ayman is a project manager with five years of project management experience, 14 years of professional experience, he holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, and many intensive project management training. His enthusiasm in project management leads him to divers the projects which he works on, public and private sectors, local and international organizations. In addition to his newly experience in technology projects, he oversaw a number of projects aimed at empower youth, refugee camps, family planning and debates in various regions of the Kingdom.

Hayat Askar

M&E and Gender Specialist

Hayat Askar has over 10 years of experience in international development. Hayat has worked in the field of project management, M&E and gender with a wide spectrum of stakeholders from the public and private sectors and international donors (USAID, EU). Hayat's M&E role focuses on the full M&E cycle; from design, implementation, to evaluating and assessing the impact all the way through the projects’ closing. Hayat is a board member at Jordan Development Evaluation Association (EvalJordan). She has a masters degree in International Trade and is very passionate about data visualisation using excel dashboards, infographics and graphic design.


Yosra al Sarraj

Monitoring & Evaluation Project Manager

Yosra has 7 years of experience with international organizations who is dedicated to provide technical assistance and strategic oversight in the field collecting and managing data. Four years of prior experience being part of the technical teams under both business and workforce development components allowed Yosra to play an important role in project management which helped in reducing the gap between the technical and M&E teams and enhance the importance of the M&E in telling the story of the project/ organization achievements. Yosra holds a bachelor degree in Business Economy from the University of Jordan. Yosra is volunteering with various local and international associations and networks such as the Jordan Evaluation Association in Jordan, EvalYouth, EvalForwrad, and EvalSDGS, where Yosra is playing an important role in raising awareness and promoting young and emerging youth to become future leaders in the file of Monitoring and Evaluation.

Loay Malahmeh

Head of Innovation/ Luminus Group

Loay worked on initiating the “fab lab” movement in Jordan with his startup 3Dmena that was acqui-hired by Luminus Group where he worked on founding Jordan's first Fabrication Lab and manufacturing Incubator (Shamal Start / Fab Lab Irbid) with a current portfolio of 100 startups. His experience spans 9 years in various fields: Social Innovation, Technology & Digital Fabrication. He was also a Shaper at Global Shapers Community with the World Economic Forum and he has been internationally featured for his work in Wired Magazine, Popular Science, Techcrunch, BBC and the World Economic Forum.


Mohammad Al-Kilani

Co-Founder and Chairman/ Mind Rockets Inc.

Mohammad focused on assistive technologies for the inclusion of the Deaf community through interpreting text and speech to sign language. A Civil Engineer, 18 years of experience in a number of multinational organizations, with a focus on operations and business development aspects of organizations mainly in the IT and Construction industry, took part in a number of multi-million dollar projects. Over the course of his career Mohammad developed his experience in building win/win partnerships with customers and suppliers, coaching and mentorship for employees, strategic business development, formulating business models, growing early stage startups, investment pitching, working with multinational board of directors, supply chain management, procurement, lean methodology, investment modeling and budgeting.

Saja Othman

Co-Founder/ The Valve Studio

A visual communication designer and 3d artist who loves exploring unusual ideas, solutions, media and technologies. She believes in the power of design and storytelling in creating a real impact in the lives of others. She is a cofounder of the Jordanian design studio, Valve, which focuses on utilizing design to support the cultural narrative in the Arab community.


A group of change-driven youth who help inform Tech Tribes' programs and strategic direction with advice based on personal and professional experience working with youth-focused programs. Their profiles range from being university students, young professionals, entrepreneurs and junior humanitarian workers.

Renad Hammoudeh

The Giver

Desired Superpower: Omniscience

Mohammad Yasin

The Innovative

Desired Superpower: Levitation


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