Because Social Justice Can Be Realized One Click at a Time.

In a world where technology redefines communication and more increasingly influences how decisions are made, it is now vital that citizens realize the power and impact skills of the digital era have in shaping their lives.

Knowledge and skills in utilizing online technologies empower youth to speak the language of the century; and introduce them as new, competent and powerful key players in shaping policies, and defining development priorities.

Digital Participation Hub


Training opportunities and mentorship programs offered to individuals who demonstrate the basic knowledge of ICTs and have the intention to further develop their skills in utilizing technology to mobilize for social justice over the Internet. Key training topics include E-Activism, Internet safety & freedoms, digital security, digital journalism and blogging for change.

The goal is to help raise the capacities of active youth groups, and organizations alike, to develop programs of impact, formulate meaningful policies, and organize and mobilize for Social Change. Participants are categorized and accordingly mentored based on a comprehensive organisational capacity and ICT readiness assessment.

  • Online Activism: Digital Tactics in Campaigning and Advocacy
  • Online Presence: the ABCs of Establishing Your Unique Voice For Good.
  • Digital Photojournalism: Telling Human-based Stories Through The Lens.
  • Data Gathering & Visualization for Development: When Numbers Speak More Than Words.
  • Launching Your First Website: Web Development for the Newbie.
  • Crowdsourcing: Citizen engagement Through Mapping, SMS and much more.
  • Mobile Journalism: The Power of The Instant
  • Crowdfunding 101: Launching Successful Online Fundraising Campaigns.

Tech For Good Highlights

A portfolio of ICT4D solutions and technology-enabled community interventions offered to youth groups and nonprofits who enrolled in one or more of our trainings and mentorship programs to raise their digital participation capacities.