“Challenge Identification”

A 4-hour interactive workshop that helps you identify challenges to your product, business model, brand or even processes.

When: TBA
Where: Tech Tribes premises. 14 Ibn Alsalah St., Tlaa Al-Ali, Amman, Behind Ayass Hotel. Map


Are you a business owner, product designer, production line manager or even a creative workshop owner?  Are you or your business facing technical challenges that affect the productivity and scalability of your business? Are you facing challenges in manufacturing or even connecting your business model to the social impact it yields? Do you represent a development organization looking for innovative solutions to social challenges or alternative, more effective ways to achieve its goals and support its journey in social change? We offer you an opportunity to turn the challenges facing your business, organization, project, craft or local industry into new opportunities for growth and business innovation.

This workshop is implemented by Tech Tribes in partnership with the Arab World’s first open innovation and crowdsolving platform, Yomken.com.

Explore the Power of Crowdsolving

CrowdSolving, sometimes referred to as “Open-Innovation”, is a process to make R&D affordable by getting solutions and innovations from the crowd of innovators, researchers and experts to overcome industrial, environmental and societal challenges. These innovative solutions and innovations aim to efficiently introduce new technologies and products to the market. In Yomken.com we provide Crowdsolving through a platform for local and multinational businesses, NGOs, governmental organizations, and others where they can post the challenges they face. They are then matched with creative solutions and ideas provided by the crowd and Yomken.com network of innovators.

Tech Tribes and Yomken scout for people and businesses who contribute to social and economic impact and through a unique challenge identification model helps them identify technical challenges. In this context, a challenge is a well-defined problem for which your organization needs a solution. It should be specific, well-researched and calls for a measurable solution. A challenge can be used for ideas generation, finding solutions to complex technical problems, prototyping requests, conducting market studies and seeking solutions for societal and environmental problems with high impact.

Following the Yomken Model, tools presented at the workshop would help participants turn the challenges they identify into creative new opportunities for business growth. By using Yomkon.com participatory innovation mode, we open the door for Arab innovators to provide solutions to these challenges and bring organizations and industries to higher productivity and better quality, and thus higher social and economic impact.

This interactive workshop will help participants identify a set of specific challenges that they then can take back to their R&D departments to further research or submit to innovators via the Yomken.com platform.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Any business, a creative artisan or production line manager facing an industrial/design challenge or even a social enterprise trying to solve challenges standing in the way of achieving business growth, increased sales or product excellence.  It does not matter if you are an individual, a startup, a large company, an NGO or a governmental organisation. All that you are required to present is a clear description of your challenge and leave the rest to us.

Representatives of different businesses and/or organizations can accompany their team members to this workshop, provided that the registration form is filled out by all attendees.

Workshop working language

Arabic (all tools available in English)

1 Step 1
First Name | الاسم الأول بالانجليزيّة
Last Name | اسم العائلة بالانجليزيّة
Phone Number | رقم الهاتف
Country | الدولة
Working for/Affiliate of | أعمل لدى/ أنتمي إلىإذا كنت لا تعمل لأجل شركة منشئة، مؤسسة أو منظمة كيف تصف نفسك؟ على سبيل المثال: مصمم متفرغ، مترجم .. الخ. If not working for a startup, organization or institution, how would you best describe yourself? For example, freelance designer, translator, ..etc.
Descriptor | الوصفأعطنا وصف لنفسك: رتبتك في العمل، مجال خبرتك، .. الخ. Add a descriptor that will help us better understand who you are. This can be your title or even your field of expertise.
?How would you describe your challenge| ما طبيعة التحدّي الذي تواجهه منظمتك أو شركتك الناشئة؟صف لنا التحدي الذي تواجهه وتنوي ايجاد حل لهDescribe the challenge that you plan on finding a solution for
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What inspired you yo apply to this workshop|ما الذي دفعك للتقدم بطلب للورشة؟What are your inspirations and how do you plan on utilizing the skills that you'll be learning through this workshop? Tell us about your project|ما هي دوافعك وكيف تنوي توظيف المهارات المكتسبة ما بعد الورشة؟ اشرح لنا أكثر عن مشروعك.
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