Basics of Graphic & Digital Design

For Non-Profits and Humanitarian Organizations

When: TBA
Where: Tech Tribes premises. 14 Ibn Alsalah St., Tlaa Al-Ali, Amman, Behind Ayass Hotel. Map


Join us for a specialized and hands-on workshop on the basics of graphic design for nonprofits and the ABCs of creating compelling digital visuals communication.

What is the workshop?

Responding to the many changes we are witnessing in the development sector, from the shift towards digitization, to digital marketing, to the ever-growing need for digital skills, this workshop aims to build the capacity of nonprofits in creating compelling visuals that help illustrate their impact and support their virtual presence.

What will participants learn?

During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the latest design softwares suitable for nonprofits, and will understand the principles of a visual and digital identity that maximizes online visibility for nonprofits. This is not all, our Lead Graphic Designer and Visual Director will provide personalized coaching and advice on best ways to face-lift existing visuals and visual identities for participating organizations.

We invite you to fill in the participation form provided below and we highly encourage you to share this opportunity with colleagues who would be interested. The best candidates for this workshop are communication officers at nonprofits or anyone involved in the construction or management of the organization’s visual and digital identities.

More info and points of consideration:

The working language of the workshop is Arabic.

Tech Tribes will contact all participants to confirm their registration and attendance.

This is a free-of-charge workshop; Participants are expected to cover their meals, refreshments and transportation expenses.

All participants must bring their own personal laptops and download and install the following software package to be able to use it during the workshop: Adobe Illustrator CS6

Workshop working language

Arabic (all tools available in English)

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First Name | الاسم الأول بالانجليزيّة
Last Name | اسم العائلة بالانجليزيّة
Phone Number | رقم الهاتف
Country | الدولة
Working for/Affiliate of | أعمل لدى/ أنتمي إلىإذا كنت لا تعمل لأجل مؤسسة أو منظمة كيف تصف نفسك؟ على سبيل المثال: مصمم متفرغ، مترجم .. الخ. If not working for an organization or institution, how would you best describe yourself? For example, freelance designer, translator, ..etc.
Descriptor | الوصفأعطنا وصف لنفسك: رتبتك في العمل، مجال خبرتك، .. الخ. Add a descriptor that will help us better understand who you are. This can be your title or even your field of expertise.
ما الذي دفعك للتقدم بطلب للورشة؟ما هي دوافعك وكيف تنوي توظيف المهارات المكتسبة ما بعد الورشة؟ اشرح لنا أكثر عن مشروعك.أعطي نبذة عن فكرة التطبيق التي ترغب بتطويره مع أيّة صعوبات واجهتها من قبل.
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