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Together we identify gaps and develop capacities. In talent and skills we invest to realize social impact.

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Digital Participation

In a world where technology redefines communication and more increasingly influences how decisions are made, it is now vital that citizens realize the power and impact skills of the digital era have in shaping their lives. Knowledge and skills in utilizing online technologies empower youth to speak the language of the century; and introduce them as new, competent and powerful key players in shaping policies, and defining development priorities.

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Digital Literacy & Inclusion

The divide in skills between what the market demands vis-a-vis what the educational systems in place supply poses a threat to social and economic development. Youth of the MENA region, especially in less resourceful, rural and marginalized communities, are yet to realize this reality. Unfortunately, access to digital literacy programs and learning opportunities is only possible to those who have access.

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Social Innovation

Current efforts geared towards solving community, humanitarian and service delivery issues lack innovation and design thinking; and suffer from weak utilisation of interactive technology. This results in programs and interventions adopting traditional approaches that yield poor impact. Innovation in development cannot be fully attained without a new set of skills; critical thinking and problem solving top the long list.

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ICTs for Development

Information & Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) come to offer low-cost, innovative, replicable and interactive solutions to social, economic and political issues. Unfortunately, such a field is new to the Arab World and has not seen much development in recent years. More efforts should be initiated to engage social workers, ICT enthusiasts and stakeholders alike in the development and mainstreaming of innovative ICT4D solutions.


Tech Tribes offers assistance in the form of trainings, mentorship programs and consulting services to social activists and innovators, development professionals, cause-driven groups and nonprofits. The approach places particular emphasis on reaching out to young women & men in less resourceful, rural and marginalized communities.


Some of our guiding principles to ensure that no one is left behind.