Welcome To The Tribe

a community that believes in harnessing
the power of digital skills, innovation &
entrepreneurship in transforming lives.

Digital Skills for Professional & Business Growth

Learn the digital skills you need to jump-start your career, grow your business, or simply build the next innovative community or business solution.

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Do you think you have a business idea that promises to deliver big social impact?

Let's help you design, test & launch innovative solutions with big social impact.

Get Involved . Take Action

Mentorship Hour

Do you have an exciting idea for a new social enterprise, product or service and not sure where to start? Is your enterprise facing challenges and in need of help? The Mentorship Hour is your savior! Come in and benefit from an hour of free consulting.

Digital Participation & Advocacy

Learn the digital skills & master the tools needed to kickstart and manage a nonprofit or simply launch a social change campaign, all powered by technology.

Nonprofit Tech

Consulting & Digital Strategy Services

We build interactive digital solutions that promise not only to deliver but to also transform lives & help achieve democratic missions through citizen engagement.

Our Impact in Numbers


Youth & Social Innovators across the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Region

Acquired basic and advanced digital skills and explored how technology-enabled social innovation can help them address local and regional challenges.

MENA-based Cause-driven Groups & Nonprofits

empowered through digital advocacy training to advance their technical abilities in campaigning and launching more responsive and scalable digital solutions.

Digital Advocacy & Participation Trainings

delivered to youth, social activists and social innovators to further develop their skills in utilizing technology to mobilize for social justice.

of Social Activists & Humanitarians

expressed that deploying new interactive digital tools, like data visualization and digital storytelling, resulted in stronger outreach, messaging and people engagement in social & behavioral change campaigns.


of Social Activists, Development Professionals and Humanitarians

reported positive impact of acquired digital skills on their ability to pursue community mobilization, advocacy and rapid response efforts.

Increase in Business Growth Opportunities and Enhanced Digital Operations & Presence

experienced by business owners & startups as a result of enrolling in one or more of Tech tribes' online courses.

Equity Free Funding (USD) Awarded

as Innovation finance grants through the Holoul Social Impact Incubator for research, experimentation and development.

Arabic Resources Produced to Date

made available on Tech Tribes' website and in print that cater to the shortage of Arabic content on ICT4D, the status of global internet governance and digital social innovation.
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