Tech Tribes Activates Jeel 962’s Website

شبكة جيل 962 تقيم مخيّمها التدريبي الأول في جرش
August 30, 2016
قصة نجاح من الكرك: إيمان الكركي
October 28, 2016

As a part of its ICT4D approach, Tech Tribes activates Jeel 962 website through the ‘Youth Digitizing Community Mobilization’ Project aiming for full functionality of Jeel 962 Network as the biggest volunteer Network in Jordan.

The launch and use of Digital Engagement Platforms, along with the outreach, recruitment, and marketing plans for the Network, will test the Network members’ ability to effectively combine the use of technology tools and strategies with non-digital and more traditional activities and strategies, aiming for efficient and effective societal change.

Digital Engagement Platforms include an application and a website, in addition to the usage of known social media platforms. Users of the Digital Engagement Platforms can benefit from their different features like reporting issues of concern or even turning a pressing issue into a national initiative, all by the click of a button. The website also provides its users the chance to network and communicate with like-minded volunteers from all over the Kingdom.

Jeel 962 Network promotes a multi-stakeholder and inclusive approach to youth participation in Jordan by allowing youth to get more realistically involved in their communities’ development and service while being constantly connected to each other and to decision-makers.

Tech Tribes has been working with Network’s youth members to build their programmatic capacity, building the Network’s structure capacity internally, revamp the identity of the Network, and promote inclusive participation and governance through the Network’s Digital Engagement Platforms.

Tech Tribes
Tech Tribes
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