Dana and Dana: A Jeel 962 Success Story

الخصوصية والشفافية على الفيسبوك
November 1, 2016
قصة نجاح: حمزة عصفور و”لسه فينا خير”
December 29, 2016

Dana Dirbashi [pictured to the right] and Dana Al Kurdi [pictured to the left] have lots of things in common other than their first names. They are both university students, they both applied for positions in Jeel 962’s Local Cabinet when the Network opened their applications, and they were also chosen to fill the Secretary and President positions respectively. They moved on to attend the Training of Trainers, which prepared them to deliver the Network’s Starter Kit Training during Jeel 962’s Training Camp in Jarash. 

As Cabinet Members and Change Agents, Dana and Dana had the chance to host and deliver their own training on the “Youth’s Guide to Active Engagement” developed by Tech Tribes, which teaches youth about their role in the community and how to activate it. Their training took place between the 23rd and 26th of September in Princess Basma Youth Center in Alhashimi Alshamali, and was attended by 22 youth and adolescents.

“The training I delivered in Princess Basma Youth Center was a turning point for me. I got the chance prepare for it, and I was also happy to have Dana AlKurdi, my colleague and the Local Cabinet’s President as my assistant in this training.” Said Dana Dirbashi.

Attendees of both Dana’s training were very happy to have taken the chance to attend and become members of the network. “I was amazed by the work done by the network’s members, and I wished I could have been a part of it when I was still a student.” Said Sameer Al Dabbagh, one of the attendees, he also added; “I aspire to be one of the people who lead effective initiatives and projects that aim to change whole governorates and have an impact on university students, for example, and I think that Jeel 962 is a great place to start.”


Sameer Al Dabbagh, Change Member


Salsabeel Malkawi, was also one the training’s attendees. She said: “I saw Jeel 962’s Training ad on Facebook and I liked its content and it seemed important and different than usual trainings. After attending the training, I felt that it was very beneficial and that it added to my personality, and introduced me to lots of creative people. Also, the trainers, Dana Dirbashi and Dana Al Kurdi, were able to deliver ideas in a very nice way. I hope to continue this journey with Jeel 962 , because it will benefit lots of people and have a great impact in their lives.”.


Salsabeel Malkawi, Change Member


Khaled Al Raood, was eager to share with us the reason he chose to attend this training and join Jeel 962 Network; “I chose Jeel 962 because, in my opinion, it is the place that can utilize my energy as a young man who likes to volunteer and has the desire to create positive change in the community and solve its issues effectively.” he said.


Khaled Al Raood, Change Member


Dana was happy about her training, and the fact that she got to know many like-minded people in her age, and had the chance to train them and guide them in their journey. She told us;  “I was overwhelmed by the trainees’ gratitude at the end of my training. It made me very happy and thankful myself.”

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  1. دانه الكردي فتاه مميزة جمعتا الصدفه في تدريب ابشر مع مالك البيطار
    وفرقتنا ظروف العمل دانه ما زلت احتفظ برقم هاتفها واتذكر مهاراتها الرائعه
    بالتوفيق دانا

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