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Together we identify gaps and develop capacities. In talent and skills we invest to realize social impact.


Organizational Capacity

Despite increased access to the Internet, and the wealth of knowledge and resources it offers, youth, cause-driven groups, and nonprofits of the MENA Region still struggle with weak organisational capacities and much-needed technical skills to develop programs of impact. This hinders their ability to respond to community issues, improve governance, develop meaningful policies, and organize and mobilize for Social Change.


Skills of the Digital Era

In a world where technology redefines communication and more increasingly influences how decisions are made, it is now vital that citizens realize the power and impact skills of the digital era have in shaping their lives. The dynamic through which citizens engage in governance and decision-making is changing. We are witness to more governments acknowledging this shift by utilizing online platforms and crowdsourcing input from citizens. Youth of the MENA region, especially in less resourceful, rural and marginalized communities, are yet to realize this reality. Unfortunately, the understanding and usage of such tools is only available to those who have access, and often requires extensive digital literacy programs. Knowledge and skills in utilizing online technologies empower youth to speak the language of the century; and introduce them as new, competent and powerful key players in shaping policies, and defining development priorities.


ICT4D Solutions

In recent years, youth have demonstrated more confidence in online platforms as mediums to voicing out opinions and engaging in dialogue in comparison to more traditional channels of engagement. However, the existing channels are not only exclusive in nature to those who can access them but also to those who value their potential. Inclusive public participation demands new, alternative, credible and transparent spaces for dialogue. Information & Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) comes to offer low-cost, innovative, replicable and interactive solutions to social, economic and political issues. Unfortunately, such a field is new to the Arab World and has not seen much development in recent years. More efforts should be channeled to engage social workers, ICT enthusiasts and stakeholders alike in the development and mainstreaming of innovative ICT4D initiatives.


Social Innovation

The divide in skills between what the market demands vis-a-vis what the educational systems in place supply poses a threat to social and economic development. Innovation in development cannot be fully attained without a new set of skills; critical thinking and problem solving top the long list. Current efforts geared towards solving community, humanitarian and service delivery issues lack innovation and design thinking; and suffer from weak utilisation of interactive technology. This results in programs and interventions adopting traditional approaches that yield poor impact.


Tech Tribes offers assistance in the form of trainings, mentorship programs and consulting services to social activists and innovators, development professionals, cause-driven groups and nonprofits. The approach places particular emphasis on reaching out to young women & men in less resourceful, rural and marginalized communities.




Groups & Nonprofits

Individuals, social activists and young social innovators

who aim to acquire basic and advanced skills in ICTs, explore how technology can help achieve social justice through digital activism, and learn how social innovation helps address today’s rising global challenges.

Cause-driven Groups, nonprofits, and development professionals

who aim to expand on their knowledge, develop technical skills, and invest in tech-based solutions to solve community issues and achieve higher organizational impact.


Some of our guiding principles to ensure that no one is left behind.